Rectangular Vinyl Gazebos

Whether you are having a BBQ dinner with friends and family or simply relaxing after a long day, this low-maintenance gazebo is a beautiful addition to any backyard!

These gazebos are handcrafted in Lancaster, PA and are built to last. With many sizes, options, and colors to choose from you can customize your gazebo exactly the way you want it!

Delivery is an additional fee based on your structure size and location. Please contact a sales associate for pricing.


Gazebo As Shown:

Size: 12′ x 8′

Vinyl: White

Shingle Color: Cedar Shakes

Railings: Colonial Style

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Vinyl Rectangle Gazebo Prices

Item & SizeCountry StyleColonial StyleBaroque Style
8'x8' Gazebo$6,110$6,400$6,290
8'x10' Gazebo$6,570$6,880$6,760
8'x12' Gazebo$7,030$7,370$7,230
8'x14' Gazebo$7,480$7,840$7,700
8'x16' Gazebo$7,920$8,300$8,150
10'x10' Gazebo$7,620$7,990$7,850
10'x12' Gazebo$8,620$9,040$8,870
10'x14' Gazebo$9,490$9,950$9,760
10'x16' Gazebo$10,390$10,900$10,700
10'x18' Gazebo$11,280$11,820$11,610
12'x12' Gazebo$10,040$10,530$10,330
12'x14' Gazebo$11,150$11,690$11,470
12'x16' Gazebo$12,290$12,890$12,650
12'x18' Gazebo$13,420$14,070$13,810
12'x20' Gazebo$14,600$15,310$15,030
12'x24' Gazebo$16,890$17,720$17,390
14'x14' Gazebo$12,220$12,810$12,580
14'x16' Gazebo$13,890$14,580$14,300
14'x20' Gazebo$16,800$17,630$17,300
14'x24' Gazebo$19,400$20,360$19,980
14'x28' Gazebo$21,760$22,830$22,400
16'x16' Gazebo$18,050$18,940$18,580
16'x20' Gazebo$22,520$23,620$23,180
16'x24' Gazebo$27,420$28,770$28,230
16'x28' Gazebo$32,180$33,760$33,130
16'x32' Gazebo$36,990$38,820$38,080
20'x20' Gazebo$30,250$31,750$31,150
20'x24' Gazebo$36,480$38,280$37,560
20'x28' Gazebo$42,550$44,660$43,820
20'x32' Gazebo$48,920$51,350$50,380
20'x36' Gazebo$55,010$57,740$56,640
20'x40' Gazebo$61,090$64,130$62,910
Composite Decking Floor

Composite Flooring


No Floor

No Floor

Includes anchor brackets on bottom of posts for anchoring to your concrete footers or patio.

Standard Composite Decking Colors

Gray Composite Deck Color Sample.


Brown Composite Deck Color Sample.


Tan Composite Deck Color Sample.


Premium Composite Decking Colors

Slate Composite Deck Color Sample.


Amberwood Composite Deck Color Sample.


Rosewood Composite Deck Color Sample.


Black Walnut Composite Deck Color Sample.


Golden Cypress Composite Deck Color Sample.


Samples are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit our store to see actual composite samples.

Vinyl Gazebo Standard Features

Frame:Made from #1 grade treated southern yellow pine & covered in vinyl
Posts:Heavy duty wooden 4x4 posts, inserted into a vinyl sleeve
Brackets:Attach directly onto your pad or deck
Flooring:Maintenance-free composite decking
Roof:The roof is engineered with double main rafters for structural integrity.
Ceiling:1x6 tongue and groove boards are pre-stained in a beautiful mahogany color
Shingles:The roof comes with architectural asphalt shingles
Wind Tolerance:Up to 140 mph
Snow Load:60 pounds per square foot