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Gozney Pizza Oven Accessories

Our range of accessories are here to complement your oven & take your pizza experience to the next level!



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Why Choose Gozney Pizza Oven Accessories?

Gozney offers a range of professional-grade accessories that will take your pizza oven experience to the next level. From turning peels made from 304-grade stainless steel to weather proof covers and convenient mantels that give you more space while cooking, Gozney’s accessories will help you set up your outdoor oven to your satisfaction.

Protect Your Oven:

Gozney Oven Covers are made out of marine grade, weather resistant materials. These quick drying, water repellent covers are double stitched for extra strength and will protect your oven from rain, snow, wind, and sunlight during storage.

Pizza Peels:

Place and turn your pizza with ease with the Gozney Pizza Peels. Use a placement peel to place your fresh pizza inside the oven and then utilize a turning peel to slide and turn the pizza simply and easily while cooking.

Cook With More Space:

Gozney offers a mantel for each oven model that allows you to cook with more space. Using a mantel allows you to safely rotate pans, check your dish, and keep food warm without overcooking.

Our Services

Green Acres Outdoor Living stocks a variety of Gozney Pizza Oven Accessories at both our locations in Allentown and Easton, PA. The staff at Green Acres Outdoor Living would consider it a privilege to assist you in choosing the perfect accessories for your wants and needs. Whatever your need is, we will be happy to assist you in any way possible. We also offer delivery in all of PA and New Jersey for your convenience!

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