Poly Octagon Picnic Table

Our collections are designed with durability in mind. We use welded aluminum frames under table tops, heat-bended curved components, thicker material for support pieces, chrome plated stainless steel hardware, and fade resistant coloring through and through. Plus, the poly lumber we use is made of up to 95% recycled plastics, making our furniture a very eco-friendly solution.

Our poly furniture is not affected by most corrosive materials and helps prevent bacterial growth. We ensure you get durable, premium quality furniture by performing extensive testing as products are designed! If properly cared for, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful furniture for years to come!


85″W x 85″L x 29″H

Poly 20 Year Warranty

Standard Colors

EC Woods Aruba Blue.

Aruba Blue

EC Woods Aruba Blue on White.

Aruba Blue on White

EC Woods Black.


EC Woods Cherrywood.


EC Woods Cherrywood on Black.

Burgundy on Black

EC Woods Cedar.


EC Woods Cedar on Black.

Cedar on Black

EC Woods Cedar on Tudor Brown.

Cedar on Chocolate Brown

EC Woods Cedar on Turf Green.

Cedar on Green

EC Woods Cedar on White.

Cedar on White

Poly Color Sample Brown(BG), Chocolate Brown, Milwaukee Brown.

Chocolate Brown

Poly Color Sample Brown(BG), Chocolate Brown, Milwaukee Brown.

Chocolate Brown on Black

EC Woods Turf Green.


EC Woods Lime Green.

Kiwi Green

EC Woods Lime Green on White.

Kiwi Green on White

EC Woods Light Gray.

Light Gray

EC Woods Light Gray on Black.

Light Gray on Black

EC Woods Light Gray on White.

Light Gray on White

Poly Color Sample Mango Orange, Tangerine.

Mango Orange

Poly Color Sample Mango Orange : Tangerine on White.

Mango Orange on White

Navy Blue.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue on Light Gray.

Navy Blue on Light Gray

Navy Blue on White.

Navy Blue on White

EC Woods Poly Color Blue.

Pacific Blue

EC Woods Poly Blue on White.

Pacific Blue on White

Smoke Gray Color Sample.

Smoke Gray

Smoke Gray on White.

Smoke Gray on White

Poly Color Sample Cardinal Red, Scarlet Red.

Scarlet Red

Poly Color Sample Cardinal Red/Scarlet Red on White.

Scarlet Red on White

EC Woods Lemon Yellow.

Sunburst Yellow

EC Woods Lemon Yellow.

Sunburst Yellow on White

EC Woods Weathered Wood.


EC Woods Weathered Wood on Black.

Weatherwood on Black

Weatherwood on Chocolate Brown.

Weatherwood on Chocolate Brown

Weatherwood on White.

Weatherwood on White

EC Woods White.


Premium Woodgrain Colors

EC Woods Antique Mahogany.

Antique Mahogany

EC Woods Antique Mahogany on Black.

Antique Mahogany on Black

EC Woods Antique Mahogany on White.

Antique Mahogany on White

EC Woods Brazilian Walnut.

Brazilian Walnut

EC Woods Brazilian Walnut on Black.

Brazilian Walnut on Black

EC Woods Brazilian Walnut on White.

Brazilian Walnut on White

EC Woods Coastal Gray.

Coastal Gray

EC Woods Coastal Gray on Black.

Coastal Gray on Black

EC Woods Coastal Gray on White.

Coastal Gray on White

Driftwood Gray.

Driftwood Gray

EC Woods Driftwood Gray on Black.

Driftwood Gray on Black

EC Woods Driftwood Gray on White.

Driftwood Gray on White

EC Woods Natural Teak.

Natural Teak

EC Woods Natural Teak on Turf Green.

Natural Teak on Green

EC Woods Natural Teal on White.

Natural Teak on White

Poly Color Sample Seashell.


Poly Color Sample Seashell on Black.

Seashell on Black

Seashell on Chocolate Brown.

Seashell on Chocolate Brown

Colors are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit one of our retail locations to see actual poly samples.

Octagon Picnic Table: 86″W x 86″L x 29″H
General Information
Warranty: 20 Year Residential
Hardware: Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel
Environmentally Friendly: Made From Recycled Plastics

Furniture Care & Maintenance

Caring For Your Poly Furniture is Easy!


Poly furniture is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a recyclable plastic the never needs to be painted or stained. It will not rot or splinter, and contains added UV protection to resist fading.


Thanks to its resilient properties, most furniture only needs to be cleaned a few times per year. Light colors, such as white, may require more frequent cleaning to keep it looking new. To maintain the beauty of your furniture:


  • Do not place flower pots or any items on furniture that will leave stains.

  • Do not place hot items directly onto furniture to avoid melting.

  • Wash furniture regularly with non-abrasive soap & water.

  • For deep cleaning, spray thoroughly with a non-abrasive cleaner, then scrub the furniture with a soft bristle brush and rinse with warm water.

  • If needed, spray the furniture with a non-abrasive cleaner and wash it using a high-pressure washer. Keep the tip of your pressure washer 16″ to 20″ away from your furniture to avoid damaging the material.

All of our fasteners are made from stainless steel – most of which are chrome-plated and highly corrosion-resistant. However, in extreme conditions such as coastal areas, some corrosion may still occur. To ensure the longevity of your furniture and fasteners, we recommend regularly rinsing it with fresh water.


If properly cared for, you’ll be able to relax in your poly furniture for years to come!

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