The Expedition comes with an enclosed playhouse with a door and two functional windows with screens. The playhouse sits on an 8’x8′ deck providing a wrap-around porch and lots of room for fun activities. This set has fun items like a fire pole, cargo net, rock wall, and tic tac toe panel. You will be glad for the hours of entertainment this set provides. Let us help you customize this set to your needs and get started making memories today!

Manufactured from pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine, these playsets are built to last, from primarily USA materials. The splinter-free wood alternative floorboards are easy to maintain, do not require synthetic preservatives or coatings, and will quickly become “bare feet’s best friend”!

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• 8’x8′ Platform

• Shingled Roof

• Soft Grip Chains

• Ready-to-stain, Pressure-treated Pine

• Pick your colors — No charge


• Platform Height: 5′

• Overall Footprint: 23’x19′

• Recommended Playground Area: 35’x31′

• Border: 132′

• Wood Mulch: 13 cu. yd.

• Rubber Mulch: 4½ Tons

Standard Accessories

• Step Ladder

• Hand Rail

• 5’x6′ Enclosed Play House

• Wrap Around Porch

• Rock Wall

• Cargo Net

• 10′ Wonderwave Slide

• 3 Position Swing Beam

• Belt Swing

• Full Bucket Child’s Seat

• Plastic Glider

• 3 Chain Tire Swing

• 8’x8′ Sandbox

• Red Fireman’s Pole

• Tic-Tac-Toe Panel


Expedition Playset Layout.

Slide Options

14' Avalanche Slide.

14′ Avalanche Slide

10' Avalanche Slide.

10′ Avalanche Slide

10' Wonder Wave Slide.

10′ Wonder Wave Slide

8' Wave Slide.

8′ Wave Slide

7' Tunnel Express Slide.

7′ Tunnel Express Slide

5' Tunnel Express Slide.

5′ Tunnel Express Slide

7' Sidewinder Slide.

7′ Sidewinder Slide

5' Sidewinder Slide.

5′ Sidewinder Slide

7' Tornado Tube Slide.

7′ Tornado Tube Slide

7' Super Spiral Slide.

7′ Super Spiral Slide

Swing Options

Belt Swing with Soft Grip.

Belt Swing

Buoy Ball.

Buoy Ball

Full Bucket Childs Swing with Soft Grip.

Childs Bucket Swing

Child's Seat with Rope.

Childs Seat

Cyclone Seat with Soft Grip.

Cyclone Seat

Trapeze Swing.

Trapeze Swing

Plastic Glider with Soft Grip.

Plastic Glider

Hammock Swing.

Hammock Swing

3 Chain Tire Swing.

3 Chain Tire Swing

4 Chain Tire Swing.

4 Chain Tire Swing

Other Options

12' Gangplank.

12′ Gangplank

7' Rock Wall.

7′ Rock Wall

5' Rock Wall.

5′ Rock Wall

5' Cargo Net.

5′ Cargo Net

Red Fireman's Pole.

Red Fireman’s Pole

Tic Tac Toe Panel.

Tic Tac Toe Panel

Peek A Boo Panel.

Peek A Boo Panel

Bubble Panel.

Bubble Panel







Spot Light.


Steering Wheel.

Steering Wheel

Captains Wheel.

Captains Wheel

Hand Grip.

Hand Grip

Ladder Hand Rail.

Ladder Hand Rail

Step Ladder Handles.

Step Ladder Handles

Available Stain Colors

Sepia Brown Stain

Sepia Brown

Mahogany Stain


Golden Oak Stain

Golden Oak

Cedar Stain


Canyon Brown Stain

Canyon Brown

Colors are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit one of our retail locations to see actual finish samples.