Natural Canadian Maple Lump Charcoal

100% Natural Canadian Maple Charcoal

  • Big Green Egg maple charcoal contains only 100% natural Canadian Maple “ultra premium” hardwood
  • Our lump charcoal contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, or petroleum products
  • Lump charcoal produces less ash than briquettes, so there is minimal waste and clean up
  • Canadian Maple: A very neutral wood flavor, similar to oak. Works especially well for mixing with smoking chips and chunks to introduce a variety of flavor profiles
  • Recommended for Big Green Egg charcoal grills.

Big Green Egg 100% Natural Lump Charcoal is easy to light and is usually ready to cook in about 10 minutes. Plus, it burns hotter and more efficiently, with more BTUs, than charcoal briquettes. But, most importantly, food tastes better, without harsh chemicals or odors that can be released when cooking with briquettes or other similar products. We recommend against ever using briquettes, lighter fluids or any quick-light charcoal product in a Big Green Egg.

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Weight 17.5 lbs

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