8×10 Deluxe Painted Cape Cod Shed



Siding Color: Sealskin

Trim Color: Black

Door Color: Black

Shingle Color: Dual Black


  • 5′ Deluxe Double Doors
  • 2 18″ x 27″ Windows w/ Trim & Shutters
  • 2 Deluxe Gable Vents
  • 2′ Work Bench

Easton Location


Wells Fargo Special Financing.

Monthly payments as low as $250*


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Shed Delivery – Limited Access? No Problem, We Offer “Mule Delivery”, Build on Sites & Crane Delivery!

Standard Delivery & Installation

We will delivery and place any structure purchased from us given there is open access to the site. We use a pickup truck with a 20′ tilt trailer to haul and place your structure.

All shed deliveries are handled by our experienced & friendly delivery team

Standard Delivery

Mule Delivery – For Limited Access

If there is limited access with tight corners we also offer an option which we call “Mule Delivery” (Additional charges apply) This is a small walk behind machine that will pickup one end of the structure with the other end of the structure placed on 2 wheels.

This enables us to turn almost on a dime and only extends about 4-5 ft. from the end of the building. This machine also handles inclines or soft yards with limited to no damage to the yard.

Mule Delivery

Build On Site

If you don’t have access for a pre-built structure, we offer build-on-site services for an additional 35% of base structure and options price.

Note: It is often more economical to remove a fence and re-install it (or pay the neighbor to cross his property etc) than it is to build on site.

Build On Site

Crane Delivery

Ask us about our crane delivery – this is sometimes an option if we can get close to the site and have overhead clearance.

Please call or email us for more information on this delivery method!

Crane Delivery