Smokeless Fire Pit FAQ

Smokeless Fire Pit FAQ


Get answers to common questions about smokeless firepits


Green Acres Outdoor Living wants you to have a safe, enjoyable outdoor fire experience. That’s why in addition to the information we’ve provided here in our Smokeless Fire Pit FAQ, we strongly recommend consulting your local government for rules and regulations surrounding the use of smokeless fire pits in your area before purchase and use.


We also strongly advise reading all of the manufacturer’s directions and following the safety guidelines before using your smokeless fire pit for the first time.


How does a smokeless fire pit work?

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits are designed with a raised vent on the bottom that allows oxygen to feed the fire even when a significant amount of ash has built up. Air also enters the space between two walls within the fire pit. This double-wall technology allows the fire to heat the walls, and the hot air rises up through the gap as the fire burns. When the hot air exits through holes around the rim of the pit near the top, it mixes with the smoke from the fire. This causes a second “reburn,” which significantly reduces the amount of smoke released by the fire.


Can you smell smoke when using a smokeless fire pit?

Yes, you can smell some smoke when using a smokeless fire pit, but the intensity of the smokey smell is significantly reduced because of the way the fuel is burned. There is also little or no visible smoke coming from the pit when you use it according to the manufacturer’s directions.


What can you burn in a smokeless fire pit?

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits are designed to burn wood, pellets, or lump charcoal. For best results, we recommend using seasoned or dry wood. Seasoned wood burns hotter and releases fewer pollutants into the air.


Do smokeless fire pits keep mosquitoes away?

Since smokeless fire pits produce very little smoke and smoke is known to keep mosquitoes away, they are not generally considered to be effective at repelling mosquitoes. We suggest choosing another method of mosquito repellent as there is not enough smoke from a smokeless fire pit to be effective.


Where can I put a smokeless fire pit?

While most local governments allow you to have a fire pit on your property, where you put it often comes with a few limitations. If you live in a rental property or a neighborhood with an HOA, your landlord, property owner, or HOA bylaws will likely also have rules surrounding placement and use. To ensure you can put your fire pit where you want it, consult your local government and your rental agreement or HOA before putting your new fire pit in place.


Can I have a fire pit in my backyard in Pennsylvania?

Most counties and municipalities in Pennsylvania permit backyard fire pits, but each has its own set of rules and regulations. These include rules for burning in residential areas, how far your fire pit has to be from your home and other homes, what times of day you can use your fire pit, and what you are permitted to burn in your fire pit. Violating these rules may simply result in you having to extinguish your fire, or they may involve a fine. To find guidelines for your particular area, contact your local government authority.


Can I put a fire pit under my covered patio?

Whether or not it’s safe to put a smokeless fire pit under a covered patio depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your patio, your patio’s proximity to your home and other dwellings, and the type of fuel you’re burning. In many areas propane fire pits are permitted, but that doesn’t always mean you can burn wood or pellets on your patio, as these materials can give off sparks. To find out if a smokeless fire pit is permitted under your covered patio, refer to the fire pit rules and regulations provided by your local government.


How far does a patio fire pit need to be from the house?

The distance your smokeless fire pit needs to be from your house, as well as from other nearby dwellings and structures, is determined by your local government, and each location is different. Check the rules and regulations surrounding fire pit use in your county or local municipality to find answers and to get other common guidelines, such as when you’re permitted to burn fires and what types of fuel you’re permitted to burn.


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