Vista Vinyl Pergola

Your friends and family will love to gather under this beautiful pergola for an evening BBQ or an evening of fun and games.

Choose your size and options to get the pergola that will be the perfect addition to your backyard!


All of our prices include installation. We also offer footer installation with our own in-house crew. Please specify in your quote if you think you need footers, and a sales consultant will discuss the process with you.

Delivery is an additional fee based on your location. Please contact a sales associate for pricing.

Installation Included Badge.

Pergola As Shown:

Size: 16′ x 16′

Vinyl: White

10 Year Warranty Logo.

Best Prices Guaranteed

Vista Vinyl Pergola Prices

(Installation Included in Pricing)

10x10 Pergola4Installation Included$15,790
10x12 Pergola4Installation Included$16,570
10x14 Pergola4Installation Included$18,020
10x16 Pergola4Installation Included$19,480
10x18 Pergola4Installation Included$20,930
10x20 Pergola4Installation Included$22,380
12x12 Pergola4Installation Included$17,860
12x14 Pergola4Installation Included$19,520
12x16 Pergola4Installation Included$21,190
12x18 Pergola4Installation Included$22,840
12x20 Pergola4Installation Included$24,510
12x24 Pergola6Installation Included$29,430
14x14 Pergola4Installation Included$21,020
14x16 Pergola4Installation Included$22,890
14x18 Pergola4Installation Included$24,760
14x20 Pergola4Installation Included$26,630
14x24 Pergola6Installation Included$31,720
14x28 Pergola6Installation Included$35,460
16x16 Pergola4Installation Included$24,600
16x18 Pergola4Installation Included$26,670
16x20 Pergola4Installation Included$28,760
16x24 Pergola6Installation Included$34,020
16x28 Pergola6Installation Included$38,180
16x32 Pergola6Installation Included$42,340
18x18 Pergola4Installation Included$32,940
18x20 Pergola4Installation Included$35,570
18x24 Pergola6Installation Included$41,840
18x28 Pergola6Installation Included$47,130
18x32 Pergola6Installation Included$52,410
18x36 Pergola6Installation Included$57,690
20x20 Pergola4Installation Included$38,020
20x24 Pergola6Installation Included$44,500
20x28 Pergola6Installation Included$50,260
20x32 Pergola6Installation Included$56,020
20x36 Pergola6Installation Included$61,780
20x40 Pergola6Installation Included$67,540

Vista Vinyl Pergola Features

Our Vinyl pergolas are made from celluar PVC vinyl with a pressure-treated pine core.

  • Cellular PVC Vinyl
  • 8″ x 8″ Glulam Posts
  • Decorative Post Skirts
  • Solid 5″ x 10″ Headers
  • 3″ x 6″ Joists
  • 1″ x 4″ Purlins
  • Durable Powder-Coated Brackets
  • Decorative Lags
  • Engineered Anchor Brackets – Attach Directly To Concrete Pad or Footers

Why Choose a Vinyl Pergola?

What is EZShade?

EZShade Features
EZShade retractable canopies and curtains are made with stainless steel fasteners, aluminum beams, powder-coated brackets, and feature long-lasting outdoor fabric. Every canopy or curtain comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

How It Works
Our EZShade outdoor canopy is installed using our easy-glide track system, while our curtain glides along a cable system. Both are manually operated using a hand crank on the curtain and a pull bar on the canopy. Your curtain and canopy will glide effortlessly into position, providing shade and protection from light rain.

EZShade pergola canopies are made with designer awning fabric from Sunbrella. Curtains are made using Phifertex designer fabrics. These fabrics are engineered to withstand the rain, wind, and UV rays existent in an outdoor environment. These awnings and curtains are resistant to mildew, fading, stains, and are easy to clean and maintain. Fabric for your EZShade is available in several standard colors and patterns to accent your outdoor decor. Alternative fabrics are available for an additional charge.

EZShade Canopy

EZ Shade Canopy on Artisan Wood Pergola.

Canopy Colors

Westfield Mushroom EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Westfield Mushroom

East Ridge Cocoa EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

East Ridge Cocoa

Grey, Black, & White EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Grey, Black, & White

Black Forest Fancy EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Black Forest Fancy

Navy Taupe Fancy EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Navy Taupe Fancy

Heather Beige Classic EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Heather Beige Classic

Burgundy, Black, & White EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Burgundy, Black, & White

Dubonnett Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Dubonnett Tweed

Charcoal Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Charcoal Tweed

Hemlock Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Hemlock Tweed

Linen Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Linen Tweed

Royal Blue Tweed EZShade Canopy Fabric Sample.

Royal Blue Tweed

EZShade Curtain

EZ Shade Curtain on Alpine Pavilion.

Curtain Colors

Dakota Stripe Clay EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Dakota Stripe Clay

Dakota Stripe Blueprint EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Dakota Stripe Blueprint

Stucco EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Burlap EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Navy Pier EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Navy Pier

Metallica Smoke EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.

Metallica Smoke

Black EZShade Curtain Fabric Sample.


Samples are representational only and cannot be guaranteed
to be an exact color match.
Visit one of our retail locations to see actual fabric samples.

An installation crew will come out, at your convenience and set up your pavilion or pergola on site.
The build on-site generally takes less than a day depending on the size you order.
The structure will include anchor brackets with concrete lag bolts that can be attached directly to footers in the ground, an existing concrete patio, or a paver patio with appropriate footers. We also offer footer installation at an additional cost.