Vinyl Voyager

The Voyager features an overall 8’x14′ platform with decks that sit 5′ & 7′ off the ground. This set features everything your sailors need to sail into a world of imagination. Navigate the seas using the captain’s wheel and mast. Quickly slide from topside to below deck using the fireman’s pole. The swing beam has room for three swings for your crew to enjoy. Two ladders make climbing aboard easy and abandoning ship is fun with the 10′ Avalanche Slide & the 7′ Super Spiral Slide. Years of fun are on the horizon with this great playset! Missing a fun feature your matey’s want? Let us customize it!

These playsets are built to last, with a sturdy Southern Yellow Pine frame covered with durable and weather-resistant vinyl. Our vinyl is made from recycled plastic right here in the USA. Say goodbye to rotting, splintering, and all the maintenance that a wooden playset brings. Vinyl is smooth, easy to maintain, and will quickly become “bare feet’s best friend”!

Best Prices Guaranteed

Price As Shown: $16,527.00 

  • Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine Frame
  • Comes Pre-assembled
  • Available in Kit Form
  • 8 Different Color Combinations Available
  • Includes:10′ Avalanche Slide, 7′ Super Spiral Slide, 2 Ladders, Captain’s Wheel, Mast, Fireman’s Pole, 1 Belt Swing, 1 Infant Swing, & 1 Buoy Ball

Railings, Rock Walls, & Floor Boards

Poly Railings.

Our railings, rock walls, and floor boards are made from eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber. They are completely maintanence-free; no rotting, no splintering, and no painting or staining!

Structural Lumber

Pressure-Treated Beam in Vinyl Sleeve.

All timbers used on our playsets are pressure-treated lumber inside a durable vinyl sleeve.

Rust-Proof Metal Brackets

Stainless Steel Hardware.

The metal brackets utilized on our Glacier Series playsets are made from heavy-duty, powder-coated stainless steel. Say goodbye to rust bleeds and stains!

Stainless Steel Swing Bearings

Stainless Steel Swing Bearing.

Heavy-duty stainless steel swing bearings ensure smooth operation and prevent rust.

Stainless Steel Corner Braces

Swing Beam Brace.

The heavy-duty stainless steel corner braces and through-bolt construction provides optimal stability and durability.

Child-Safe Fasteners

Vinyl Structure End Cap.

All hardware used on our swing sets is child-safe and rust-proof stainless steel.


• 8’x14′ Overall Platform

• Rope Railing

• Mast & Sail

• Ground Level Entrance

• Soft Grip Chains

• Pressure-Treated Pine Frame

• Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic Vinyl

• Create Your Own Vinyl Color Combination

• Pick Your Accessory Colors — No Extra Charge


• Deck Heights: 5′ & 7′

• Overall Footprint: 28’x14′

• Recommended Playground Area: 40’x26′

• Border: 132′

• Wood Mulch: 13 cu. yd.

• Rubber Mulch: 4.5 Tons

Standard Accessories

• (2) Step Ladder

• Hand Rail

• Captain’s Wheel

• Mast

• Fireman’s Pole

• 10′ Avalanche Slide

• 7′ Super Spiral Slide

• 3 Position Swing Beam

• 1 Belt Swing

• 1 Infant Swing

• 1 Buoy Ball


Voyager Layout.

Vinyl Colors

Almond Vinyl Color Sample.


White Vinyl Color Sample.


Poly Colors

Patiova Cedar Poly Color Sample.


Cherrywood Color Sample.


Patiova Dark Gray Poly Color Sample.


Patriot Blue Color Sample.

Patriot Blue

Turf Green Color Sample.

Turf Green

Colors are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match. Visit one of our retail locations to see actual poly samples.

Roof Options

Gable Roof.

Gable Roof

Pyramid Roof.

Pyramid Roof

Tarp Roof.

Tarp Roof

Swing Beam Options

2 Position Space Saver Swing Beam.

2 Position Space Saver

3 Position Swing Beam.

3 Position

4 Position Swing Beam.

4 Position

10' Swing Beam with Monkey Bars.

10′ Swing Beam w/ Monkey Bars

Slide Options

14' Avalanche Slide.

14′ Avalanche Slide

10' Avalanche Slide.

10′ Avalanche Slide

10' Wonder Wave Slide.

10′ Wonder Wave Slide

8' Wave Slide.

8′ Wave Slide

7' Tunnel Express Slide.

7′ Tunnel Express Slide

5' Tunnel Express Slide.

5′ Tunnel Express Slide

7' Sidewinder Slide.

7′ Sidewinder Slide

5' Sidewinder Slide.

5′ Sidewinder Slide

7' Tornado Tube Slide.

7′ Tornado Tube Slide

7' Super Spiral Slide.

7′ Super Spiral Slide

Swing Options

Belt Swing with Soft Grip.

Belt Swing

Buoy Ball.

Buoy Ball

Full Bucket Childs Swing with Soft Grip.

Childs Bucket Swing

Cyclone Seat with Soft Grip.

Cyclone Seat

Trapeze Swing.

Trapeze Swing

Plastic Glider with Soft Grip.

Plastic Glider

Hammock Swing.

Hammock Swing

3 Chain Tire Swing.

3 Chain Tire Swing

4 Chain Tire Swing.

4 Chain Tire Swing

Other Options

12' Gangplank.

12′ Gangplank

7' Rock Wall.

7′ Rock Wall

5' Rock Wall.

5′ Rock Wall

5' Cargo Net.

5′ Cargo Net

Red Fireman's Pole.

Red Fireman’s Pole

Tic Tac Toe Panel.

Tic Tac Toe Panel

Peek A Boo Panel.

Peek A Boo Panel

Bubble Panel.

Bubble Panel







Spot Light.


Steering Wheel.

Steering Wheel

Captains Wheel.

Captains Wheel

Hand Grip.

Hand Grip

Ladder Hand Rail.

Ladder Hand Rail

Step Ladder Handles.

Step Ladder Handles

Belt Swing w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$107
Full Bucket Baby Swing w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$167
Buoy Ball w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green$267
Cyclone Disk w/ Plastic Coated ChainBlue, Green$77
Plastic Horse Glider w/ Plastic Coated Chains
(Fits on Monkey Bar Endings Only)
Blue, Green, Yellow, Gray$357
Ring Trapeze w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$107
3-Chain Tire Swing w/ Swivel Black $237
4-Chain Tire SwingBlack $217
Hammock SwingWhite$457
Steering WheelBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$19
Captain's WheelBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$48
BinocularsBlue, Green, Red, Gray$39
MegaphoneBlue, Green, Red, Gray$54
TelescopeBlue, Green, Red, Gray $32
SpotlightBlue, Green, Red, Gray$65
Tic-Tac-Toe PanelYellow $127
Bubble PanelBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$397
Peek-A-Boo PanelBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$447
10' Avalanche SlideBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$547
14' Avalanche SlideBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$927
Tornado Tube Slide (For 5' Platform) Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$1,477
Tornado Tube Slide (For 7' Platform) Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$1,597
10' Wonder Wave SlideBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$287
Tunnel Express Slide (For 5' Platform)Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$1,107
Tunnel Express Slide (For 7' Platform) Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$1,357
Sidewinder Slide (For 5' Platform) Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$1,357
Sidewinder Slide (For 7' Platform) Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray$1,607
Super Spiral Slide (For 5' Platform)Blue, Green, Red, Gray$1,157
Super Spiral Slide (For 7' Platform)Blue, Green, Red, Gray$1,527
8' Wave SlideGreen, Gray $147
Pair of Hand GripsBlue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray $12
8' Fireman's Pole (For 5' Platforms)Red$257
10' Fireman's Pole (For 7' Platforms)Red$267
5' Cargo NetBlue, Green, Red, Gray $427
7' Cargo NetBlue, Green, Red, Gray $497
12' Gangplank w/ Rope RailingBlue, Green, Red, Gray $977
12' Gangplank w/ Vinyl RailingBlue, Green, Red, Gray $1,147
5' Vinyl Rock Wall w/ Climbing RopeBlue, Green, Red, Gray $517
7' Vinyl Rock Wall w/ Climbing RopeBlue, Green, Red, Gray $677

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