Split Rock Wood Lighthouse

The Split Rock lighthouse replica is handcrafted from wood and painted using high-quality paint. Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Our lighthouses offer a unique way to add beauty to your landscape by covering well casings, sewer pipes, or anything else in your yard.

Customize your lighthouse to get the perfect one that you’ve always wanted. Call our store to order a lighthouse with a custom color scheme at no extra cost. Dusk-to-dawn sensors and solar lighting are also available.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Lighthouse Accessories

Includes a Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

Standard Finishes

Finch white poly sample.


Finch ivory poly sample.


Finch gray poly sample.

Light Gray

Finch dark gray poly sample.

Dark Gray

Finch brown poly sample.


Finch black poly sample.


Finch cedar poly sample.


Finch patriot blue poly sample.

Patriot Blue

Finch turquoise poly sample.

Aruba Blue

Finch evergreen poly sample.

Turf Green

Finch weatherwood poly sample.


Finch cherrywood poly sample.


Beaver Dam Cardinal Red.

Cardinal Red

Finch royal blue poly sample.

Bright Blue

Finch lime green poly sample.

Lime Green

Finch ocean blue poly sample.

Powder Blue

Beaver Dam Pink.


Finch orange poly sample.

Bright Orange

Finch yellow poly sample.

Lemon Yellow

Natural Finishes

Finch driftwood gray poly sample.

Driftwood Gray

Finch birch poly sample.


Finch antique mahogany poly sample.

Antique Mahogany

Finch coastal gray poly sample.

Coastal Gray

Colors are representational only and cannot be guaranteed to be an exact color match.
Visit one of our retail locations to see actual poly samples.

Total Height Outside Bottom Diameter Inside Bottom Diameter Inside Diameter At 2′ High Inside Top Diameter Inside Height
2′ 12.5″ 8.5″ N/A 4.75″ 12″
3′ 15.5″ 10.5″ N/A 5.875″ 19″
4′ 20.5″ 15.375″ 8.5″ 7.5″ 29″
5′ 22″ 16.75″ 11.25″ 7.625″ 39″
6′ 25″ 20″ 15.5″ 10.75″ 48″
8′ 34″ 28″ 23″ 13.5″ 79″
12′ 49″ 40″ 36″ 18.5″ 109″

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