Happy Hideout #H68-9

Remember the days spent being the hero of your imaginative dreams? The great times of today become the memories of tomorrow. Which is why the Happy Hideout is sure to become the source of many memories for your children.

We guarantee this playset will provide hours of fun, exercise, and entertainment for your children and their friends. Built to last and designed for fun we guarantee peace of mind knowing that we place priority on safety features, highest quality materials, and construction.

Best Prices Guaranteed

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Playset Construction
Pressure Treated Lumber: Yes
Chains & Hardware: Stainless Steel
Vinyl: Fade Resistant & Easy to Clean
Swings: Rubber Coated Chains
Standard Features
Swing Positions: 3 (2 Belt Swings & a Trapeze)
Other Standard Accessories: Beautifully Finished Playhouse, 2 – Wonder Wave Slides, Bubble Panel, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, & a Balcony
Customize: Choose Your Swing & Vinyl Colors
Warranty: 20 Year Limited Warranty
Deck: 6′ x 8′
Playhouse: 6′ x 5′
Deck Height: 5′
Overall Dimensions: 20’D x 20’W
Belt Swing w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green, Red, Yellow$65
Full Bucket Baby Swing w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green, Red, Yellow$107
Buoy Ball w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green$157
Plastic Horse Glider w/ Plastic Coated Chains
(Fits on Monkey Bar Endings Only)
Blue, Green, Yellow$177
Ring Trapeze w/ Plastic Coated ChainsBlue, Green, Red, Yellow$54
Steering WheelGreen, Yellow$17
PeriscopeBlue, Green, Yellow$20
14' Extreme Ripple Rush Wave SlideBlue, Green, Yellow$557
Twisty Turbo Tube Slide (For 5' Platform)Blue, Green, Yellow$677
5' Rock Wall w/ Climbing RopeBlue, Green$427
7' Rock Wall w/ Climbing RopeBlue, Green$607